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Would you like to play piano, keyboard or organ by ear? Our content, courses, classes, and community will develop your knowledge, hands, and ears. 

Do any of the following statements describe you?

struggle to play by ear

I Want To Play By Ear

Just starting your musical journey? Been playing for a while? You are in the right place to learn the progression approach of playing by ear.  

Our teaching method is great at getting results. It takes the guess work out of playing by ear. We are great at helping new musicians build the proper foundation by which they will play by ear. 

Also, if you are a frustrated, self-taught musician, we can teach you everything you never learned. You can trust that 6 months with us will get the results you've never gotten on your own.

frustrated musician

I Can Play A Little But I Don't Know Enough To Improve

Are you the type of musician that plays songs for your church but everything sounds the same?  Do you have enough knowledge of chords to accurately play a song? Are you frustrated because you can only play in one key?

If this is you, don't worry we can help.  You would be surprised how many musicians have wandered in the Youtube wilderness searching for chords and tutorials. You are not the only frustrated musician out there.  

Our teaching method can help you reignite your passion because we truly breakdown the things you need to know.

need rhythm help and drum loops

I Can't Learn Songs Fast Enough For My Church

If you are currently playing for a church, then that means you are under constant pressure.  Pressure to learn new material. Pressure to be flexible enough to change songs on very short notice.  There are many pressures that come as a church musician.

You can become pressure proof with proper preparation.  When you understand progressions by ear, it helps you learn songs much faster.  By joining our courses and classes you will develop the understanding and the ability to hear exactly what's happening in a song.  This will help you learn songs almost immediately.

Want to Know More? Try Our Mini Courses

We understand that most people search far and wide for the right music teacher.  We also understand the hesitation to purchase an online course because you don't know enough about us yet. For that reason, we have created a free mini course.  We've put together a small collect of videos and downloadable content to show you the value that others see in our website. We want to prove to you that we have a program that you can trust.  

Click the button below to begin your training with free our mini course.  We won't ask for your credit card information. We simply give you an opportunity to try our content at your leisure.

If you want to learn more about us before taking the mini course feel free.  Keep scrolling below to learn more about Preach and Play. When you are ready, we are here waiting to help.

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Knowledge of Scales

The average person that comes to Preach and Play struggles with chord theory, progression knowledge and song accuracy because they never learned scales. Watch this video to try our method.

We have high success rates because our method works.

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Chords and Theory

Our background is in Gospel Music.  This style of music is one of the hardest forms of worship styles. This is due to the myriad of influences that create gospel music.

Gospel music is full of complex chords that are soulful and jazzy.  We can empower your understanding to play these chords accurately.

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Our community is a place where musicians gathers to learn, share and hangout.  We have challenges that everyone practices as a community.  Encourage each other as we learn new ideas and more.  Click below to learn more.

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Song Tutorials

We have many tutorials that can help you learn to play worship music.  You can learn the following styles on our website.

  • Gospel Choir Songs
  • Praise and Worship
  • Contemporary Gospel
  • Hymns and Quartet
  • CCM Worship
  • more
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Documents Downloads


We've created many chord charts and booklets to help our students.  When you become a member of this website, document downloads are included with your membership.  Download this free guide to see how serious we are about your growth as a musician


Drum Loops

What would practice be like if you had realistic, professional sounding drums to play along with.  Now you do right here at Preach And Play.  Our courses are filled with various drum that you can download. 

Click below to download our ZIP file which contains two free drum loops.  These drums loops are over 10 minutes long each. Become a member and you can download as many loops as you need.


What Can You Expect From Our Memberships?

You can expect high level teaching that's entertaining and engaging.  Our courses, content, community and coaching classes are very effective learning tools.  You can expect us to give you what you need to succeed as a play by ear musician.

We have seen many talented musicians in our 20 years of teaching. Having talent will get you only so far.  The correct practice method, the correct information and the right teacher is the fertile soil you need for your gift to grow.  You can expect "the correct" everything from a Preach and Play Membership.

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